As often as we use the Internet, many of us don’t know the details of its components. Here is everything to know about the bits and pieces of the Internet.

The internet has become a major part of all of our lives. Unless you somehow divorce yourself from all technology, you are part of the internet.

That said, what is the internet at its core? Understanding the internet’s infrastructure is a fast way of understanding the reason why it is so important.

Interested in how the internet’s infrastructure works? There are many layers to it and it can come with very important distinctions. Let’s begin!

The Keys to Understanding the Internet’s Infrastructure

The infrastructure of anything is whatever foundation helps it function. That is, whatever keeps it up, running, and doing whatever it needs to do.

For the internet, the infrastructure is the physical hardware, software, and transmission media that connects computers all around the world. Most of this infrastructure comes from data centers, making them the heart of the internet.

There are 3 major pieces of the infrastructure puzzle that help keep it running.

  1. IP Addresses

An IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol address, is the unique tag that your computer needs access to or from the internet. That means that when you connect, your IP address is your key in.

Depending on how you connect, this address can be temporary or permanent.

  1. ISPs

An ISP, or Internet Service Provider, is the various telecommunications companies that help provide an entryway into the internet.

They are not a part of the internet itself, but they do provide a vital part of the overall infrastructure. This is why you pay for internet service from one ISP or the other.

  1. Domains and Gateways

Domains are the basic description of a destination on the internet. These websites have special codes and names, allowing us to access them through the infrastructure.

This system is how the internet’s infrastructure goes anywhere. These websites are part of the internet at large and will be where you send or get sent information packets, creating what the internet calls “content”.

The gateways to and from these domains help to connect all the internet’s infrastructure together, giving it its destinations and its purpose.

Learning More 

The infrastructure of the internet not only shows us how the internet functions, but also why it is important.

This infrastructure has multiple pieces and no one owns it in its entirety. With so much going on with the internet, from political information to cultural touchstones to a massive amount of business, that internet openness is important.

For more on the internet’s infrastructure and how you can stay informed on what it all means, you can find more information from the i2 Coalition here.

The Tech You Need, When You Need It

Now that you may have a bit of a better grasp on understanding the internet’s infrastructure, how you look at it may never be the same.

The i2Coalition’s mission is to keep people informed, so following that line will help you, and the rest of the world, keep the internet’s importance in mind!

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