You already know that the Mac OS does not come with a separate iOS emulator, so finding iPhone emulators for mac can be a toughie. That also means, that if you are a developer like me who uses Macintosh devices, you would need an ios emulator to run the ios apps.

We are all trying to mix and match our apps and play those amazing games that we want to. Some of us are developers who want to test our ios apps in a Mac ecosystem.

So, I have put together the best iPhone emulators for Mac that will get your ios apps running on your Mac devices. 

Best iPhone emulators for Mac

1. Appypie

Appypie is actually an ios app creating software that comes with an ios emulator to run ios apps on Macintosh devices. To run ios apps on Mac you can easily use this app builder and take advantage of the ios emulator that it comes with. 

You can find free and paid plans on Appypie making it easy for developers to use ios apps on their Mac devices. 

2. Responsinator 

Being one of the oldest ios emulator sites, you can easily test your web apps in their ios system. It is an ios browser emulator making it easy for people like you and me to go and run our ios apps on our Mac devices. 

3. Testobject

When people ask me what is the best ios emulator available online, I always suggest Testobject. One of the reasons is that it comes with a full feature list to run ios apps on Mac devices. So, if you are looking for the best iPhone emulators for Mac, your search probably ends here. 

This is the best option if you want to run ios apps on Mac, and that even multiple ones on the cloud. 

4. is a very easy to navigate website that lets developers run their ios apps even form their Mac os. All you need is the latest version of any web browser and you could do this to see your ios apps running on the virtual platform. 


To run your ios apps on your Mac, all you need to do is upload your app to 

Here is the pocket pinch about it. It only comes with a 7-day trial and then it is a paid software. But, as per our reviews and my experience, this is a very smooth software to use to run your ios apps on your Mac devices. 

6. Xamarin Testflight 

This is a very feature-rich software to test ios apps on Mac computers and any developer you ask will tell you so. Given the fact that Apple owns Xamarin Testflight, there is no doubt of its smooth capacity to run ios apps on Mac OS. It provides you the closest experience of having a smooth ios app run on your Mac os. 

7. Xcode 9 Stimulator 

Come to think of it the best ios emulator comes from Apple itself. It is part of the Xcode Tools and you can use it to run any of your ios apps on your Mac itself. It lets you pick your device platform for testing and you run multiple apps at the same time. 


It is hard enough to find authentic ios emulators as it is. Many of them will pose to say they work but they don’t. I have put together the above list for my own experiences of searching for the right ios emulator that helps me run ios app on my Mac os. 

I hope the list has helped you find what you need and if I have left out any, feel free to leave your suggestions below in the comments section. 

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