Who needs travel agents when your smartphone can act like one? Over time, there have been a lot of advancements in technology and one of those advancements is the smartphone applications. Planning a trip used to be a frustrating task back in the years but today with the help of the best travel apps you can turn your smartphone into a top-notch travel agent.

So if you are planning on going on a trip but have no idea how you are going to manage it all then you are in the right place. Here, today, we are going to talk about the best travel apps that each individual should have on his phone when he or she is travelling.

Best travelling apps for android

The most common operating systems used on the smartphones are IOS and Android. It doesn’t matter which of the two you have because these apps are available on both the operating systems. Your task is to find the best ones and download them on your device so that you can enjoy a fantastic vacation. So without further due let us look at the applications.

1.  TripAdvisor

This is a must-have app when you are travelling. The application has so much more to offer than any other travel application. You get to see the reviews, photos, videos and opinions of the people regarding a particular place. It could be a city, or a bar, a hotel, airlines and etc.

The app covers a lot of function. The Near Me function is just amazing. For example, if you are travelling to Malaysia and search for the theme parks in Malaysia then the app will show you the well-reviewed parks near you. You can add your reviews or ask a particular question in the forum as well.

2. Skyscanner

Whether you are looking for a hotel, car or the flight, Skyscanner has got you covered. The app has collaborated with various partners thus shows you the cheapest flights, hotels and rental cars that are available. You can allow turn on the notification alert function so that when the prices change the app can update you on time.

3.  Packpoint

Once you have chosen the destination and all the arrangements are made, the next step is to pack. We often forget to put certain items on our checklist but not anymore with Packpoint. The app is designed to come up will packing checklist based on the weather conditions, dates and location of your trip. Select your activities and the app will design a well-organized checklist for you.

4. Google Maps

This is the best navigation apps on the market. Most apps only offer directions for vehicles but with Google Maps you can get directions for vehicles, public transport, and bicycle and even for walking individuals. Not only does it offer direction but you can also use it to find hotels, restaurants and other places near you.

5. Uber

Transportation is one of the things that travellers find hard to get during their vacation. This is where Uber comes in. The application is operating in 84 countries and more than 800 cities around the globe. Instead of finding a taxi, simply request a car on the app and it will come to you.

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