There are few well-growing Indian startups in this time when a COVID-19 pandemic shatters the world.



A recent survey revealed that many Indian startups concentrated on growth rather than profitability. These startups include education, dating sites in India, e-commerce, etc.


Booming tech-startups amid COVID-19

1. MultiLiving Technologies

MultiLiving Technologies PVT Ltd is a unique platform company that uses technology, services, and brands to unlock the enhanced rental value in the large residential property class. This was done by building a technology-based rental housing ecosystem that improves the lives of both owners and tenants in each of its respective value chains.

The business has retained its strength with its exclusive products, has not lost any client, and has attracted new customers. Thanks to strong customer awareness and the best commodity at this hour of need, MultiLiving expanded its client base by > 500% during the lock-down process.


2. Techno Companion

Techno Companion is one of India ‘s newest and most ambitious IT companies, a blend of best-in-class technology and professional management. With its head office in Gurugram, the company provides companies and industries with state-of-the-art and cutting-edge IT facilities, providing the ultimate tailor-made technical approach for any single problem.

Techno’s partner retained its development rate through the lockout. None of the employees from Internshala has been abandoned, and no pay reductions have been rendered aside from the desire for more advanced services.


3. Rooter

It’s the most significant sports culture channel in India, which personalizes sports content and offers millions of fans a voice through sports. Rooter engages fans with live audio and video content generated by users across various sports and provides custom sports feeds consisting of videos, images, polls, and so on & Scorecards in ten Indian languages covering cricket, football, and many other sports.

Once all sports action around the globe was halted, Rooter raised $17 million (about Rs 12.8 crore) in the pre-Series A game, the Indian Sports Community platform. Paytm was in control of the investment round and the leAD Securities, the Assets of Rockstudi, and the Bank Capital Fund of Adidas Group, a new arm of RB Investments.


4. Paytm First Games

The country’s first game platform is Paytm First Games. Paytm First Games is the fastest-growing destination for India’s games. For people who like games, competitions, trivia & especially rummies, Paytm First Games is the ultimate goal. You can play exciting, enjoyable, and satisfying tournaments and games in real-time, and you can experience them completely. Paytm First Games presents you with a 360 ° environment that covers all forms of games.

During the continuous shutdown, they reported over 5 million device installs. With its games such as Rummy and Ludo, 4x to 5x growth has become a common alternative for home entertainment.



They have experienced 100% success in their market by offering remote job options through job sites in India amid COVID-19. They grow faster as people use more solutions to keep up with each other.

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