Passive revenue is more a function of time than anything else. You may do a lot to earn profits, but not all sources of income are passive.


How to earn passive revenue in India?

1. Start a real estate business

Real estate has been a means of creating capital for a long time. Real estate acquisition has been seen to consume a lot of energy, money, and experience. However, real estate investment applications have democratized exposure to this asset class – making it easy for you and me to generate non-work, discretionary profits.


2. Invest in the markets

Investing in public securities and shares is the primary way for citizens to create long-term equity and profits from their savings funds or investment accounts. The evidence is reasonably good, though, that the typical investor like you and me will be actively invested in low-cost ETFs and index funds.


3. Invest in businesses

If you don’t like the equity market, the safest way to create fixed income is to invest in real assets that you can see, appreciate, and rise over time. Investments in private companies are mostly reserved for “high net worth” people, but there are many avenues to invest in a company. You know a local business or two who might use some money through a venture capitalist in India.


4. Build an application

When you have a talent or ability to share with anyone, you can develop an app or construct a product you want to offer and learn how to earn money at home. Of starters, if you’re passionate about fitness and have a background in designing workouts, you may want to build a workout app. You may also produce a tangible digital file, such as an ebook or a printed book, instead of an app.


5. Dropship with Amazon

You purchase the goods at a loss while you deal with a wholesaler to earn profits for Amazon. Your benefit then comes from the difference between the cost of the original item and the price at which the item is sold. You should set up your Amazon store and be able to take orders within 24 hours! Just like we discussed with eBay flipping, it ‘s crucial to do homework when selecting which products to sell.


6. Become a social media influencer

Were you aware that you can receive payments for social media posts? There are a host of opportunities to raise money as a social media influencers India. You can collaborate with companies to generate sponsored posts/content for which you are paid. Typically, how many followers you have and the participation level for endorsed positions are determined. 


7. Network marketing

Network marketing is a business strategy for individual contractors to purchase into a company. They receive a fee for the goods they sell. Many individuals are interested in network marketing as this field allows them to be their boss, set their hours, and be flexible. There are various ways to make money from network marketing. 

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