If you have a job that’s a little boring, or if you’re bored at work, there are seven ways you can turn boredom into cash.


Easy ways to earn money at home

1. Work freelance

There are more than enough freelance websites available. When you join sites like Fiverr, Rat Race Rebellion, TaskRabbit, Gigbucks, FlexJobs or Amazon Mechanical Turk, you will have access to hourly work. That includes everything from writing, customer service, graphic design, data entry, and transcription of materials into different languages.


2. Take online surveys

Another popular way to make money while at work is through online surveys. Just like the number of companies offering freelance work, there are a lot of business ideas that will pay you for only taking a study at your convenience. Some of the sites suggested are SurveyMonkey, SurveySpot, My Survey, Lightspeed Consumer Panel, Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost, MyPoints, Springboard America and Toluna.


3. Become a virtual assistant

This can include research, email sorting, or lunch reservations with a prospective customer for potential staff. Fortunately, websites like Red Butcher, ODesk, LinkedIn and Zirtual can connect busy people with people who are looking for extra money on their side to help themselves. Try to follow this by using tools such as Marketing.ai.


4. Sell your expertise

In one field or another, we are all experts. And while you may make a decent salary that will allow this skill to be utilized between 9 and 5, there is a lot of other free job alert that are prepared to pay your services for advice. Websites such as JustAnswer, HourlyNerd, Google Helpouts, eHow, 12ish and Rocket Lawyer compensate you for the knowledge and experience you have already gained through answering questions, providing advice, and writing educational material.


5. Test websites/apps

You know how hard it is to make sure everything works if you have ever built a web site or developed an app. It can be tedious to ensure that all works. So businesses such as User Testing, Whatusersdo, Enroll, and YouEye makes life easier. If a website is easy to navigate or an app is working correctly, then it is a great way to burn some time at work to be paid as a tester.


6. Blog

It takes a lot of work to blog. Without spending time and effort, you can’t only launch a blog and attract a vast number of people. However, how can that make money for you? To begin with, you can advertise your website or become a partner of affiliate blogging platforms. It’s something that you can work on every day while blogging is more time to earn money. Also, you can talk about anything you want because you run your blog.


7. Turn your passion into money

It’s all part of blogging, but it’s a step ahead. You can sell your finished items in sites such as Etsy, Zazzle, or CafePress if you have some creative ideas for clothing or home decor. Although you may not be able to create your product at work, your finished work could be designed and planned for those long hours.

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