Even if you are exceptionally qualified for an interview if you do not dress correctly for the occasion, it is likely that you will not be able to get the job.


Dressing tips for interviews

1. Choose a solid color

You want the boss to concentrate on you in every interview, not on your pink paisley dress. Choose colors that reflect your personality, but are not too noisy or too annoying instead of busy patterns.

Red can overwhelm an interviewer. Stick with traditional advertising colors rather than with red or orange, incorporating highlights in lighter colors (such as a scarf or tie).


2. Invest in a suit

The value of wearing a suit that suits you correctly can not be emphasized enough. A custom suit is always better than a ready-to-wear suit. We once had an interviewee who had an outfit that was much too big for him, so we wondered for the first time, “Are you wearing your father’s suit?”

The size of the suit did not say anything about his job qualification, but it made us feel that he had no attention to detail. It appeared that until that morning, he didn’t know about the interview scheduled through the internship portals, and he had just rolled out of bed and put the first thing in his armchair.


3. Use the smart casual style

You should get rid of the formal suit for the interview if you want to stick to the company’s “smart casual” dress code.

In some instances, a jacket or blazer will fit well over a polo or collared dress shirt. Pair it with corduroy, twill, feathers, acrylic, cotton, or linen, and you’re going to have a flawless look.

A good skirt or pair of pants can carry women away, but lavish fabrics such as satin, lace, or chiffon can be avoided. Mostly the dress code of startup stories is relaxed, avoid flashy jewelry.


4. Be careful about your tattoos, piercings and facial hair

Although almost 40% of people aged eighteen to 29 years have a tattoo, a survey showed that many employers still have a poor impression of incarnated men. It depends very much on the age of the boss, the business, and the company policy.

It’s safer to be safe than sorry, though, if you don’t know about company rules. Take facial piercings and cover tattoos before you recognize the land’s layman. Please keep it safe and tidy when it comes to facial hair.


5.  Pay attention to the details

A polished look calls to your attention in depth instantly. An intense brightness indicates a dedication to performance and presentation. Be sure your clothes do not have wrinkles, and if you have pets, do not forget the lint roller.

Make sure you wear something that makes you feel relaxed and secure. If this is not your style, don’t purchase a weird outfit to make a declaration for securing a position in the BHEL internship.



Your clothing choice may appear a small factor in the more significant work arrangement, but it’s more critical than you realize for a winning impression.

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