Communication is very important when it comes to establishing a startup. You must have heard this, that 8/10 startups fail. Why? One of the major reasons why it fails is poor communication skills. 

When the senior executive or CEO can’t effectively communicate his motives, goals, or needs to the employees, how will they work as per the company’s expectations? This might lead to the failure of that particular startup.

We all want to know how to improve communication skills? So, Let’s know how much communication skills matter when you start a new startup company. 


1. Importance of non-verbal communication

While communication skills do not always speak in words, there are other things to focus on in the last category. The most important thing to remember is both your facial expressions and your body language.

When giving a task to a worker or talking to them about any given problem, remember not to cross your arms because it gives a picture of distance, annoyance, or anger. When speaking enthusiastically about a topic, remember to keep your facial expressions (and tone) clear so that you do not become bitter or overly anxious. When giving advice or criticism to an employee, be careful not to do anything rash, as it would be disrespectful and demeaning.


2. Hear it out!

As a manager, it is part of your job to delegate tasks and provide both suggestions and constructive criticism. However, when your employees come to you to talk about a particular issue, be it their job, coworker, workmate, or even you, listen with understanding rather than respond.

Employees can often give managers information about a company that they do not know about. When employees know that their grievances are being heard and action will be taken, they feel highly valued and respected.


3. Keep a check!

Another way to improve your communication skills with your employees is easy to access. Your employees need to know that their thoughts and feelings are valued, and as a founder, they will greatly improve your working relationships with all your employees. Startup internships help you explore this area more by knowing more about the work background and your peers.

Schedule monthly or periodic entries, asking your staff to come and prepare for a short review, where they will be able to discuss specific issues, ideas, or plans. A short entry will make a big difference in the atmosphere of the office.

When you start applying these simple suggestions and skills in your office management role, you will see how they will be appreciated and what it means to be recognized and respected as a leader.

So, these were the few benefits of improving your communication skills to start a successful startup. 

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