Finding a job in today’s time can be a challenging task. From scrolling through the sites for several hours to running for the interviews can be tough. Describe what you are looking for in your next job?

Even if you have never applied for a job before – perhaps a new college student – or have long used for a position instead of knowing where to start, fear not, someone looking for a job. There are several job opportunities in Chandigarh and Mohali region. Coworking spaces and office space for rent in Mohali makes it a nice place to work in.

This guide will guide you through all the steps you need to take to reduce your dream job, from preparation to advanced search days.

Prepare yourself!

Renew your resume: You will want to renew your resume for each application you make, but it is still a good idea to make sure you are up to date and on tip-top. Reconnect with your references to make sure they are always willing to prove it, and check for errors. Review your resume and make sure all dates, positions, and descriptions are accurate.

Practice negotiation: Although you may not be able to prepare for every single question you will be asked, you can still practice your conversational skills by answering the common questions asked by employers and managers alike. Knowing how to respond in advance will keep you cool, calm, and organized for future discussions.

Network: Mark industry events on your travel calendar, where you can meet with employers or insiders who can offer you vacancies. Alternatively, join a club or organization of your choice. You will never know who you can meet there or how you can help start your pop – by donating your time to a good cause.


Tasklist management:

You are applying for more than one job, and that many details you can keep organized.

However, getting a list of tasks is easier if you follow the tips in these simple tips.

Create a spreadsheet: with the few minutes you spend in Excel, you’ll have a way to track all the activities you’re interested in using. Open a new document, then enter the cells of:

Company Name: XYZ Company

Contact Details: enter the company’s name, email, and phone number in the company. In most cases, this will be the employer or hiring manager.

Working Day

Deadlines and discussions: deadline for future information the company is requesting and scheduled discussions.

Date Followed: date followed by request or discussion.

Application Status: even if you are rejected, wait to hear a response or schedule an interview.

Tip: Upload your spreadsheet to Google Sheets, and download the Google link to your phone. That way, you can update your listing on the go, not just when you’re at home.


Use job search apps.

You have a lot of work to put into it, and that’s very planned. We’ll be in an excellent position to schedule your job search soon, but for now, download Workflow, an app that will help you organize your work content and create shortcuts that will save you a lot of time.

Once you have prepared for the interview, it is time to practice your interview skills. If you’re the type of person who hits, consider using Orai as a talking coach. The app “will train you to add a few words to fill in, speak clearly, and at a good pace,” according to its website.

Lastly, don’t forget the number of social media apps in your search. You should use social media to create a personal brand, which will make you more attractive to the hiring manager. (For example, you can post pictures or summaries of projects you’ve used, including a brief history of your skills, or share articles that show you know more about the industry.)

So, what are you waiting for? Find your dream job now! Good luck!

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