Here, I explain to Iforgot Apple ID and How to reset it and all guide sees below with step by step and Apple users to rest their Apple ID Password and reenter it access that is best for all time.


Here, if you enter your password incorrectly too many times and after your Apple ID automatically locks to protect your security after not sign your apple ID Don’t worry read this guide to how to unlock Apple ID account.

Iforgot Apple id and How to reset it


Step 1: Go to My Apple ID Page and Select the Reset your Password link.

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID Email.

Step 3: After Click Next.

Here, if you forget your Apple ID emails address after choose to forget you’re Apple ID link and visit Page.

Step 4: After 3 ways you can change your Apple ID password. 1) Answer your security questions 2) email authentication 3) Setup 2 step verification.

Step 5: Done.

How to Enter Details for change your Apple ID Password


#1.Answer your security questions

Step 1: Select the Answer security questions option and choose next.

Step 2: Choose your birth date.

Step 3: After then select next.

Step 4: After then set a new password and select Reset Password option.

Step 5: Done.

#2.Email Authentication

Step 1: Select the Email authentication option.

Step 2: After then select next.

Step 3: See message like Email has been sent.

Step 4: After going your email Address and reset your password.

Step 5: Here, log in your Primary email address to open this email.

Step 6: Here, Open the email and select the Reset Password link.

Step 7: After When the Apple ID Page opens and set a new password for your Apple ID.

Step 8: After choosing Reset Password.

#3.Two-step Authentication

Step 1: Enter your Recovery Key and choose a trusted device.

Step 2: After Apple will send your device verification code.

Step 3: Enter the verification code.

Step 4: After setting a password and also select the Reset Password option.

Step 5: Done.

Here, the complete guide for Iforgot: Iforgot Apple id and How to reset it and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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