The worldwide lockdown COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education industry negatively. Do positive impacts also exist? Let’s have a look.



The Indian education sector is most busy during this year, with board examinations, admissions tests and summer internships – all are running simultaneously – all of which are upbeat for the following academic year. The scenario was similar this year too until mid-March, and suddenly it all small business ideas came to a halt when COVID-19 claimed his country’s first victim.

Figures from UNESCO indicate that 32 crore students worldwide are affected by a lockdown in India from pre-primary through to higher education. For approximately four months now, the Indian academic calendar has been modified with no apparent intention to resolve the situation. Based on internal evaluations such as class tests, projects, assignments, presentations, class participation and so on, primary or middle education, children have already been promoted to attend secondary school, given these uncertainties.


COVID-19 has impacted 32 crore students

This type of uncertainty increases the anxiety of people who are preparing to take a diploma or postgraduate course. These students were already confronted with concerns about entering the reality with a new job or internship or plans to pursue their studies-their worry was compounded by the lockdown and consequential stoppage.

For many students, the COVID-19 crisis threatens not only as their education is disturbed, but as a result of the global and the nation’s economic turmoil, their career will also probably be affected.

This is the time for some for their ‘dream institution‘ to pursue additional studies, and others for their last academic exam and a long-awaited career. All year round, students are working hard to achieve this transition and are looking forward to a new phase of life.


Challenging time for students

For our young people, these times of the test may be nervous because they are the milestone of their careers to complete their education, and any compromises or threats can be the worst for young people who dream of starting their careers as mobile app developers.

One good thing about humans is that they continue to learn from our experiences and our instincts for survival keep ourselves safe for our future. There are therefore some silver linings, not everything is dull, today too. In the future, educational institutes switched to online class delivery so that not even a single class was lost. To keep up with the academic schedule, they also conduct online assessments.


Evolution of the education sector in COVID-19

The pandemic situation has given the education sector a world of opportunities to change and improve – to ensure flexible and pleasurable delivery of education for the students, to engage more experts worldwide through online sessions, a new evaluation and evaluation system and so many internships.

Education can change sea and can embrace learning across geographical borders wholeheartedly. Then the credit goes to our collective resiliency in the face of the impossible and technology that has made it possible and empowering for us.

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