Including choosing the best picture to get a funny profile, here’s what you need to learn if you’re trying to find the ideal fit on dating sites in India.



Bumble is the best dating app that genuinely promotes the ideology of “Who runs the world? Girls! “And supports the values of love, decency, dignity and, most importantly, protection. Nonetheless, seeking the right fit is not as straightforward as one would imagine. So, how are you going to make sure you have more matches and click on your profile?


Dating site tips for women on Bumble

1. Fun bios

Note, first impressions are significant! It’s effortless. Nobody wants to look at the images and your name — you’ve got to make your profile interesting. How is it going to teach them something about you if it’s loaded with blanks? So, start filling the ‘About Me’ box on Bumble. A bio says a lot about the individual, and it doesn’t have to be over the top like briefing about your job you got from job sites in India like KillerLaunch. Only bring forth the right effort and share enough of yourself to make them curious to know more. And you’re going to find yourself a like-minded individual who ticks all the boxes on your list.


2. Look for a common ground

You put yourself out there, and now it’s time to be more visible. The effortless way to do that is with Bumble badges. They’re accommodating. Are you a dog or a cat person? Which are your ideological points of view? Both these issues turn into your profile badges. If you’re the individual who likes music, Bumble lets you link your Spotify to your profile, and you have another opportunity to relate to everything you have in common. This isn’t it. Bumble also helps you to link your Instagram to your profile and provide a glimpse into your life.


3. Use a nice photo

Choose photos that are clear, honest, and show you in the best light. You ‘re attempting to look natural and welcoming. Don’t include the ones you shot five years earlier. Attempt to bring the photos that reveal the most of your personality. For example, whether you love golf, the picture of you at the golf course would be perfect, or if you love food, before and after your favorite meal. The trick is to be the real one and not to take fake pictures.


4. Make the first move

Take ownership. A strong and smart woman is still in trend. So don’t pause and make Bumble’s first step if you love the man. Yet how are you doing this? Send a meme? A GIF? If you’re not sure, the “Conversation Starter” function of Bumble will aid. After the “hello,” Bumble should assist you! And support you in putting your best foot forward.



What are you waiting for? Get swiping. Despite our crazy lives, it’s fantastic that Bumble helps us meet someone new at any time!

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