People that aren’t used to working from home struggle to keep the spirits high during the lockdown. This can influence their work performance and productivity.


Some tips to follow while working from home:

1. Do not break your routine

Working from home doesn’t mean that you can wake up late because you’re not going to travel or get ready every day. Follow your regular workday schedule-get up on time, prepare for yourself, have some food and complete your other startup stories on time. Do not break your routine usually.


2. Set up a place of work

It’s a significant place/corner where you work. Try to keep it manageable and alike to an office with fewer leisure facilities. Have the right table and chair where you can work.


3. Don’t work in your bedroom/living room

Bedrooms are non-workable. And there can be beautiful living rooms. If you have to decide to work in the bedroom or living room because of space crushing, you will have a pleasant sitting area. You’ll be lazy by lying in leisure. Your productivity and your health will be affected. 


4. Familiarise your surroundings

We have to make our family realize that working from home is like working in the workplace, and being at home does not mean being interrupted from time to time. Please bring them to your everyday schedule, calling to prevent them from troubling you.


5. Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking water is one of the things that we often forget while working on work from home jobs. Keep a bottle with you and drink it occasionally. This helps to combat lethargy as well.


6. Stay away from temptations

We are in our comfort zones because we’re at home and familiar things around can tempt us to stop us from working. It may be the television, the phone, the fridge. Please keep away from it until you know what is tempting.


7. Take frequent breaks

We indulge in breaks when we are in the office with our colleagues around us. We rarely take a break at home. It is vital to take quick breaks to help you coordinate things in the simple activities of the family-like watching web series together. This will download some work from others and make life easier for everyone.


8. Avoid video meetings

You can have the luxury of working in casual things while at home and also stuff around you can be a little messy. Video calls should be avoided unless necessary. Choose a relaxed corner and close the door to prevent distraction before attending the call. Dress correctly.


9. Use the web version of messengers

This helps you to remain away from your telephone and connected at the same time. Make sure your job is not affected.


10. Spend time with your kids

The work you do while adhering to the privacy policy can be explained and demonstrated. It not only will help you to strengthen your relationship with children but will also increase your morale and create trust in yourself.

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